Happy Nonniversary!

So, today is (would have been?) my wedding anniversary. 8 years. About five years ago, when my sister-in-law left her abusive husband I thought I came up with the term nonniversary. Apparently I was wrong and I’m not that witty and creative and it was even on an episode of Friends. Which is probably where I got it from!

I really don’t know how I’m feeling. I don’t feel sad or lonely….I think if anything I kinda feel like a failure. I keep telling myself that if I was able to keep such a dysfunctional marriage going for so long, I would have been able to keep a marriage with two healthy individuals going forever.It’s hard to fix something you have no control over.

At least that is what I am telling myself on this, my nonniversary 😛 I wonder if next year at this time I will be celebrating February 5th, the day of my freedom instead of February 13th.

I toyed around with a few ideas of how to celebrate this non-occasion, but in the end I decided I absolutely had to watch Finding Nemo with my four girls.
So, in the words of Dory I am going to “just keep swimming…..” and cuddle with my babies. I know I am celebrating the four best things to come out of this day, and that is all that matters.


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